Saturday, February 20, 2010

29 weeks

I think this will be my last post with a belly picture. I am getting ridiculously big and no one really needs to see that. Normally I am this big at the end when I am ready to deliver. I am 11 weeks prematurely big this time around. I am super worried this baby is going to be giant. I have never had a baby bigger than 6lbs, so I am very concerned. From the ultrasound I had yesterday they are guessing he is already 4lbs, 15 inches, and in the 87th percentile. I am starting to think I don't like being monitored so closely and could really do without this information. If I deliver 3 weeks early like I did last time, he should still be on the small side. But if I am unlucky enough to go full term, he could be enormous. I will just have to wait and see. I hate this waiting. I am an awful pregnant person!


  1. that is one adorable belly. and big babies are fun to deliver!!!

  2. You MUST post pictures all the way through! I am going through Jen withdrawls!

  3. Titan was 8lbs 3 weeks early... I will pray for you. :)