Wednesday, December 30, 2009

21 weeks

I feel huge already and I have a seriously long way to go. I guess being bigger on the 3rd pregnancy is pretty normal I am told. It doesn't make me feel any less like a whale though. I am living in "lounge" clothes. I am almost 22 weeks. I still feel sick most every afternoon and evening, but at least I am not throwing up anymore. I just had another very extensive ultrasound last week and everything looks good. He has 2 hands, 2 feet, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a very cute nose and upper lip. We still have no solid pick for a name and very few options we like, but we have time for that. We do have a few that were on the list back during my Ruby pregnancy that have now been used by family and friends, and if we use one of those names, then tough crap, our kids will have the same name, it's not a tragedy. It's a really big world and we probably won't ever live by each other. Ruby is participating in the naming process and has vetoed a few that I thought were pretty cool. Between Dave and her it will be a miracle if this child gets a name. Camila had her baby yesterday and I was surprised to feel so envious that her waiting is over. I still have many months of worrying and waiting to go. But I am so happy for her, they are both safe and doing well. I hope that eventually the same can be said of me and all of my pregnant loved ones.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Boy

It's a baby boy. We had an ultrasound yesterday and we found out we will be having another little guy. This will make him the 8th straight boy on my side of the family. Ruby remains the only granddaughter. As far as they can tell, everything looks good and he is very healthy.

Pregnant Picture

Camila has been demanding a picture so she can see how big I am. I have gotten so huge in the last week. I went from being able to completely button my pants one day, to needing maternity pants the next. It's totally crazy. I am 17 weeks 4 days based on the calender and 18 weeks 4 days based on ultrasound measurements. Either way I am nearing the half way mark. Normally this would be really exciting. Except that because I am still sick, instead of being amazed that I am half way done, I am fearing that I have potentially 20+ more weeks of nausea. I will try to be more positive, but I am not making any promises. Although, I do still continue to have some hope that it will disappear any day now. Everything else is going really well. I am feeling lots of movement, and my belly is growing every day.